Data Management Committee (DMC)


May 2013 - The Data Management Committee (DMC) was established in a joint PDF iconmemo from the Provost and CFO (pdf) and accompanying Data Management Standards.


The Data Management Committee (DMC) is a standing subcommittee of the Business Services Committee (BSC).  The the primary governing body for Data Access Governance. The DMC includes representatives from processing units, colleges and schools, and executive offices and reports its activities, decisions and policy recommendations through the Business Services Committee, the Operational IT Committee (OIT) and, ultimately, the Srategic IT Advisory Board (SITAB). The DMC is responsible for:

  • Implementation of the Data Management Standards
  • Development of formal Data Access Governance policies and procedures (see DMC Guidelines and DMC Procedures)
  • Development and adoption of Roles/Access rules
  • Development of mechanisms for access and use requests to be submitted and considered by the committee

The DMC may form workgroups or task forces as needed to inform policy decisions or facilitate request/approval processes.


Data Management Committee (DMC) membership represents a broad cross-section of executive-level, college and administrative information stakeholders, and data stewards focusing on proper access to, and use of, institutional data through implementation of the Data Management Standards (2013).  There are currently 20 members representing executive portfolios, 6 colleges and schools, ITS, and units that steward data for major institutional data entities (financials, employees, students, courses, research, donors, facilities).  

DMC meetings are open and highly-inclusive, relying heavily on our collective institutional knowledge and areas of expertise to inform discussions and decisions.  To that end, DMC meetings encourage participation by representatives beyond the voting DMC membership.  Participants include Data Stewards from major processing units and ex-officio members from advisory units, such as Legal Affairs, Information Security Office, and IQ.  These ex-officio members may attend meetings regularly or on a basis reflective of agenda items within their specific purview.  Additionally, other UT staff members are regular participants in DMC working groups and include subject matter experts and technical analysts from a variety of operational units and project teams.

Chair:  Kristi D. Fisher, ASMP 2.0 Enterprise Data Management

List of DMC Members, Data Stewards, and Ex-Officio Consultants