DMC Workgroups

DMC Workgroups are formed on an ad hoc volunteer basis to address common risk-based themes around institutional data access, use, and storage issues as described in the Data Management Standards.  Activities may include developing and recommending enterprise-level guidelines, processes, further risk assessments, mitigation and implementation strategies, and internal committee procedures.

Workgroups and Topics
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Access and Use

  • Processes for granting access relative to duties
  • Data availability
  • Data definitions and interpretation
  • Legal implications of data disclosure
  • Processes for releasing information

John Moore
CW Belcher
Heather Hanna
Jerry Speitel
Tracy Brown
Michael Orr
Debra Kress

Storage / Retention / Transition

  • Data growth and retention
  • Access to archived data
  • Data consistency and integrity
  • Data storage options
  • Retention of data subject to Open Records requests

Maryrose Hightower-Coyle
Heather Langley
Rich Janes
Trice Humpert
Eda Matthews
Marianna Symeonides

Open Records Process

  • Data storage and retrieval plans
  • Legal / political / reputational risks
  • Accessing archived data
  • Resources and mechanisms
  • Adherence to Records Retention schedules

Mary Knight
Margo Iwanski
Carol Longoria
Gary Lavergne
Maryrose Hightower-Coyle
Heather Langley
Jeff Graves
Zeena Angadicheril

Centralized Data Resources 

  • Data context
  • Data stewardship
  • Definitions and mapping
  • Data availability and tools
  • Business rules
  • Unintentional misuse of information

Kathy Foster
Tracy Brown
Austin Bush
Roy Ruiz
Jamie Sweeney
Dana Cook