Definition of Institutional Data

005.2016.03 - Definition of Institutional Data

Effective: April 7, 2016  (ref. 005.2016.03)

Drafted: March 2016

Approved by DMC: April 7, 2016       

I. Guideline: Definition Institutional Data

Institutional data of the University of Texas at Austin shall be regarded as a highly-valued institutional asset.  As such, institutional data must be effectively managed to achieve an appropriate level of stewardship.  The value of institutional data is maximized by making it more readily accessible and by increasing the understanding and consistent use of the data.  To that end, it is necessary to clearly define the term “institutional data.”  The Data Management Committee defines "institutional data" as any information (in any form, location, or unit) that satisfies the following criteria:

  • It is created, received, maintained, or transmitted  by or on behalf of the University of Texas at Austin in the management and operation of educational, clinical, research, or business activities; and
    • It is used for analysis to guide and inform the strategic priorities of the university; or
    • It is substantive, reliable, and relevant to the planning, managing, operating, controlling, documenting, staffing, or auditing of one or more major administrative functions of the university; or
    • It is used in the fulfillment of statutory, regulatory, accreditation, or other required reporting obligations of the university; or
    • It is used to derive any data element that meets the above criteria.
  • It is NOT:
    • Data created or used in the conduct of research; or
    • Information created through acceptable limited personal use of university systems that is not directly related to university business.

II. Purpose

To provide clarity on the definition, scope, and ownership of “institutional data.”


III. Scope & Audience 

The guideline applies to all units of the university.  Institutional data and information exist in paper, electronic, audio, and visual formats including, but not limited to, documents, memos, databases, spreadsheets, presentations, tables, charts, graphs, email and web sites.  This guideline does not provide guidance on intellectual property matters.  


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VII. Related Information 

The Data Management Committee is currently developing a “Data Access and Use Guide” that further describes the appropriate uses of institutional data.

This guideline neither precludes nor supersedes any existing legal, regulatory, or university rule or policy.

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