Data Stewards for Systems of Record

007.2016.03 - Data Stewards for Systems of Record

Effective: April 7, 2016 (ref. 007.2016.03)

Drafted: February 2016

Approved by DMC: April 7, 2016

I. Guideline: Data Stewards for Systems of Record

Data Stewards are the operational managers (“business owners”) of the Systems of Record within specific Subject Area Domains (“business areas”). As custodians and primary experts regarding source data and its meaning, the responsibilities of Data Stewards and their staff include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintain deep knowledge of the System(s) of Record and the definitions, processes, and business logic for their domain(s), including mechanisms by which data are captured and used, integrations with other steward areas, and the timing of data updates.
  • Provide expertise, communication, and compliance with any statutes, rules, or policies related to the data they manage.
  • Assist with risks assessments, roles and access recommendations, and validation of the institutional data they manage.
  • Communicate to the Data Management Committee and campus constituents any changes to source systems that may significantly impact the availability of institutional data, including development of additional data, changes to source systems and data stores, significant purging of data, movement of data, or changes to archive and backup procedures that could affect data availability.

High-level Subject Area Domains and Data Stewards (as of 4/7/2016) are as follows:

Subject Area Domain
(Business Area)

Data Steward
(Business Owner)

Accounting and Financial Management

Kristen Walker


Susan Kearns


Elvia Rosales


Lee Bash


David Rea

Financial Aid

Diane Todd Sprague


Arthur McDonald

Human Resources (Staff, Benefits, Training)

Debra Kress

Human Resources (Faculty, Academic)

Carmen Shockley

Institutional Reporting

Tracy Brown


Leslie Saucedo


Jerry Fuller

Research – Post-Award

Jason Richter

Student Records, Registration and Course Scheduling

Shelby Stanfield

Student Success Initiatives

Carolyn Connerat

Treasury and Risk Management

John Walker


II. Purpose

Institutional data must be safeguarded and protected according to approved security, privacy and compliance guidelines, laws and regulations established by the university or by state or federal agencies.  Further, roles and responsibilities for data management must be clearly defined, and individuals assigned to specific roles should be knowledgeable and accountable for the integrity and use of data within the Subject Area Domains and Systems of Record that they manage.

This guideline is intended to provide clarity on the role of the Data Steward and to identify the Data Stewards for institutional data Subject Area Domains.


III. Scope & Audience 

The guideline applies to all UT Data Stewards. 


IV. Definitions (specific to these guidelines)



V. Website (for policy)


VI. Contacts 




DMC Chair

VII. Related Information 

The Data Management Committee is currently developing a “Data Access and Use Guide” that further describes the appropriate uses of institutional data.

This guideline neither precludes nor supersedes any existing legal, regulatory, or university rule or policy.


VIII. Policy References


IX. History