Data Management Standards

Purpose of Standards

The Data Management Standards (pdf) (“Standards”) were issued in a joint memo from the Provost and CFO (pdf) in May, 2013.  The Standards establish the structure and roles for Data Access Government at the University of Texas at Austin and provide guiding principles for the work of governance committees in order to ensure:

  1. Institutional leaders, (executive, administrative, and operational) have appropriate and timely access to detailed institutional data in order to make informed business and strategic decisions for their colleges, departments, or units in support of the institutional mission.
  2. Sound information management practices are incorporated into all aspects of Institutional Data production, reporting, and analysis in order to provide appropriately robust access to accurate information for decision support.
  3. Institutional Data is regarded as a highly-valued institutional asset and, as such, is effectively managed to achieve an appropriate level of stewardship.
  4. The value of Institutional Data is maximized by making it more readily accessible and by increasing the understanding and consistent use of those data.
  5. The roles and responsibilities for effective management of Institutional Data are clearly articulated and understood.
  6. Consumers of Institutional Data are adequately educated regarding all university, state, and federal laws, policies and procedures that mandate and regulate the use or dissemination of those data, and risks involving the use or release of Institutional Data – legal, operational, individual, political, or reputational – are adequately mitigated.
  7. Institutional Data are stored and used efficiently, eliminating or minimizing any redundancies in hardware, software, processes, reports, or analyses, and the efforts of personnel resources who support them.


These Data Management Standards (“Standards”) address the issues of (1) storage, (2) access, and (3) distribution of institutional data. The Standards are specifically applicable to “institutional data” extracted or derived from institutional administrative information systems and residing in the Master Data Repository (now called "Institutional Data Store" or "IDS") or an associated central administrative data store. The Standards are to be implemented in accordance with, and deference to, existing UT computer, data and acceptable use policies.