Data Management Committee Procedures

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805.2016.03 - Enterprise Data Transition Planning and Review Process

Effective: tbd (ref. 805.2016.03)

Drafted: March 2016

Approved by DMC: tbd  

I. Procedure: Enterprise Data Transition Planning and Review Process

Every college, school, and unit (CSU) of the university is responsible for proactively managing data that are created, stored, or used by that unit.  All CSU’s will develop Enterprise Data Transition Plans to identify and document all data under their management and proactively plan for any future movement or deletion of those data.  Each unit will work with Records Management Services and the ASMP 2.0 Application Modernization (App Mod) team to complete their plans according to the timelines for their established decommissioning roadmaps.

Upon completion of each unit’s transition plan, App Mod, Enterprise Data Management (EDM), and the Data Management Committee (DMC) will review and approve the plan or request revisions.  The Enterprise Data Transition Planning and Review Process steps are as follows:

  1. Each CSU identifies all files, tables, datasets, and data stores under their management (both mainframe and non-mainframe) and proactively plans for future movement or deletion of those data; this takes place in a timeframe consistent with Roadmap the CSU previously communicated to App Mod.
  2. As a starting point for documentation, App Mod provides formatted spreadsheets with an initial lists of their files and data stores are provided to the CSU.
  3. The CSU works closely with Records Management Services and App Mod to complete spreadsheet entries for each file or data store; these spreadsheets represent the CSU’s “transition plan.”
  4. The CSU obtains sign-off on the retention, archive, and deletion plans from Records Management Services
  5. The CSU sends completed transition plan spreadsheets to App Mod.
  6. App Mod and EDM review plans for tactical viability and institutional data dependencies.
  7. App Mod forwards the plan to DMC Data Transition Workgroup (DTW) for review by IRRIS, Legal Affairs, Records Management, Open Records, ITS, or others, as appropriate.
  8. DMC DTW approves the plan or may request revisions by the CSU.
  9. Outstanding issues not resolved by DMC DTW may be forwarded to the full DMC for review or resolution.
  10. Issues not resolved by the full DMC may be forwarded to the BSC for resolution, if needed.


Enterprise Data Transition Plans should be reviewed and revised on at least an annual basis or anytime the CSU is aware of a change to their planned roadmap or data dispositions.  All revisions to data dispositions should be communicated to App Mod and Records Management Services.


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DMC Chair

ASMP 2.0 Application  Modernization Team

Records Management Services

IV. Related Information 

Enterprise Data Transition Planning Web Site




V. Policy References

            DMC Guideline 006.2016.03 Proactive Data Management and Transition Planning


VI. History 

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